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Pool Deck Leveling

Pool decks and other large concrete slabs over time begin to sink. This is mostly due to soil erosion and settlement since the slab was first poured. Our team of expert concrete leveling technicians has years of experience diagnosing and fixing sinking concrete. Not only is sinking concrete unsightly but it can also pose a serious tripping hazard and could potentially lead to injury. Our team has spent years learning to identify and repair the cause of sunken concrete slabs. We use a patented system called foamjacking to lift and stabilize the affected concrete slabs for years. Our technicians can repair and lift concrete slabs in as little as an hour and can have your pool deck safe again faster than other methods of concrete lifting.

Sinking Pool Deck Repair

Our team uses a tested foam injection support method called foamjacking. This method involves injecting an expanding foam underneath the concrete slab that fills voids and provides support for the concrete slab while lifting it back to the proper height. Our team has years of on the job knowledge repairing sinking pool decks and can help you keep your pool deck safe. The foam jacking method is a relatively new method of concrete lifting designed to solve the issues that traditional mudjacking poses. It lasts longer due to a natural resistance to deterioration and erosion and will keep your concrete slabs level for 10 or more years.

Signs Of Damage

  • Water Buildup
  • Cracked or sinking sections of concrete
  • Noticeable tripping hazards
  • Visibly uneven concrete slabs

How Unsafe Is An Uneven Pool Deck

Uneven concrete slabs around a pool deck can be a serious danger. Mixed with water and other potential tripping hazards make this type of concrete sinking one of the most dangerous. Our team specializes in identifying and repairing any slab that may sink due to soil erosion and settlement. Our team can repair your pool deck quickly to keep your family and guests safer when they are enjoying your pool.

Pool Deck Repair Estimates

If you have a sinking pool deck or have noticed cracks call our team today to help you repair it. Our method is quick and non-invasive which means you can have your pool deck repaired and level in a hurry. Contact us today or fill out our online estimate form to schedule a no hassle estimate.

Service Area

Concrete Raising Atlanta has been providing excellent service, quality jobs at a competitive price, and a no hassle approach to performing the work for years. We serve the greater metro area of Atlanta Georgia as well as the surrounding areas. For a free estimate on any of our services call 678-287-0671 or click the button below to fill out our free estimate form.