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Concrete Patio Leveling

Almost all concrete patios are installed properly leveled and at the proper height. However, over time the soil supporting these slabs will shift and create voids underneath your concrete patio. These voids can cause cracks, uneven heights, and sinking slabs which could pose a tripping hazard for anyone walking in that area. Our team has years of experience identifying the cause of sinking concrete patios and uses the latest concrete lifting techniques to properly level your patio. We use a patented and proven system called foamjacking to stabilize and level sunken patios. Our system is designed to last longer than the traditional mudjacking method of concrete leveling by resisting the elements that would normally erode and destabilize the supporting materials.

What Causes Patios To Sink

Excess moisture in the soil supporting your concrete patio is one of the leading causes of concrete patio shifting. This water causes the soil underneath your patio to shift and create voids in the supporting material. Over time the weight of the concrete slab over these voids causes sinking and cracking in your patio. Our expert team is equipped to diagnose the cause of your sinking concrete patio and fix it fast.

Warning Signs

  • Water buildup in sunken areas
  • Cracked or sinking sections of concrete
  • Visible soil washout
  • Visibly uneven concrete slabs

How Unsafe is Uneven Concrete?

Uneven concrete poses a number of threats to the safety of your family and guests. On patios, in particular, there is an extra threat caused by the buildup of water against your home. Because most patios are built adjacent to your homes foundation water buildup in sunken areas can cause water to seep into your basement causing water damage. Another danger associated with uneven patios is that a large gap between your patio door and the surface of the patio can cause people to trip and fall potentially causing injury to any person unaware of the gap. If you have a sunken patio you should contact us immediately to have it lifted to its proper level.

Raising Your Concrete Patio With Foamjacking

Our team of concrete leveling experts uses a high strength, corrosion resistant, poly-foam injection system to lift and level concrete patios. We specialize in raising concrete slabs back to their proper level and filling any voids underneath the slabs. Call today for a free estimate on concrete patio leveling.

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Concrete Raising Atlanta has been providing excellent service, quality jobs at a competitive price, and a no hassle approach to performing the work for years. We serve the greater metro area of Atlanta Georgia as well as the surrounding areas. For a free estimate on any of our services call 678-287-0671 or click the button below to fill out our free estimate form.