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Concrete Driveway Repair

Concrete driveways are among the most common uneven and unlevel concrete surfaces on any property. The most common cause of uneven or sinking driveways is because the underlying soil wasn’t properly compacted when the house was built. This coupled with years of abuse from cars and the weight of the concrete slab will cause it to sink and become uneven. Our team uses a system called foamjacking to stabilize and level sunken driveway concrete. The patented system is resistant to erosion and will keep your driveway stable and even for 10 or more years.

Repairing and Leveling Concrete Driveways

When our team works on sunken concrete driveways we use foamjacking to lift it back to its proper level. Our system is non-invasive, requiring only a few small holes to be drilled into your concrete slab to lift it back into place. Foamjacking uses a polyurethane expanding foam to fill any area underneath the concrete slab where the soil is no longer supporting the concrete above it. This polyurethane foam is resistant to erosion and will not deteriorate over time like mudjacking will.

Signs of Sunken Concrete

  • Cracked, bumpy and uneven driveway
  • Cracking and sinking sections of slabs
  • Washout of soils under concrete slabs
  • Repeated cracking of concrete slabs

How Dangerous is Sunken Concrete

Because sunken concrete is caused by soil erosion and settlement there are often areas underneath the concrete that are completely unsupported by the soil underneath. These areas can often create cracks that are easy to trip over or even at times can crack at the worst possible moment. Often this cracking will only result in a small section of your driveway, usually around the corner of a slab, being uneven or even creating a deep hole. Similar to a sinkhole you can get hurt and your car can be damaged if a wheel falls into one of these holes.

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Our team of concrete leveling experts can help you keep your driveway level for years. We used a patented and tested foam injection technology that will not break down over time and is guaranteed to keep your driveway in line. Contact us today for driveway leveling services.

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