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Sinking Sidewalk Leveling

A sinking or cracked sidewalk can potentially be a serious tripping hazard. Uneven concrete slabs can lead to injuries and other mishaps while walking or riding a bike. One of the leading causes of sidewalk settlement is the breakdown of supportive material underneath the slab. Over time, even for smaller slabs, the soil underneath can shift and settle causing voids to form. Our team has years of experience identifying the cause and extent of the damage to your concrete sidewalk or walkways. We use the latest method for concrete lifting known as foamjacking or polyurethane injection. Our system is designed to level and stabilize concrete slabs in as little as 30 minutes.

Repairing Sinking Sidewalks

Our team of experts uses a patented foam injection lifting method called foamjacking to raise the sidewalk slabs to their proper level. Our method is quick and non-invasive allowing for fast repairs. Foamjacking provides a better support system for your driveway and fills any cracks or voids underneath the surface of the concrete. Our system is designed to ourlast the traditional method of concrete lifting known as mudjacking. Our system lasts for 10 or more years and is resistant to the elements that would normally erode and damage the supporting materials of your concrete sidewalks and walkways.

What To Look For

  • Dirt and water buildup
  • Cracked or sinking sections of concrete
  • Noticible tripping hazards
  • Visibly uneven concrete slabs

How Unsafe Is An Uneven Sidewalk?

Uneven or cracked concrete in any scenario is potentially hazardous. However, Sidewalks and anywhere that receives a lot of foot traffic is one of the most dangerous places to leave unfixed. Cracks and uneven footing can cause guests or family members to trip and fall. In addition to this during the winter season, snow and ice can build up causing these uneven sections to become slippery and even unnoticeable to someone walking by. If you have uneven concrete on a walkway or sidewalk you should contact our experts immediately to keep your property safe.

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Because our system takes so little time to implement we can be in an out in as little as a day depending on the extent of the sinking. Contact our experts today for a free estimate on sidewalk and walkway leveling.

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Concrete Raising Atlanta has been providing excellent service, quality jobs at a competitive price, and a no hassle approach to performing the work for years. We serve the greater metro area of Atlanta Georgia as well as the surrounding areas. For a free estimate on any of our services call 678-287-0671 or click the button below to fill out our free estimate form.